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Why do I need microdermabrasion?

*To look younger...feel better...and repair damaged skin cells!

*To prevent future damage to skin and increase self confidence!

*To remove excessive signs of aging...caused by pollutants/toxins, sun, stress and diet.

*To re-discover the glow of your natural beauty...for both young and young at heart!

Nine Reasons to Choose Our Version of Microdermabrasion.

1.   We use the highest rated medical grade equipment available

2.  We use the smallest yet most effective micro crystals available  

3.  Treat ALL areas of the face including below/around your eyes/eyelids  

4.  We apply an oxygen mist full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants 

5.  Complete exfoliation reaching every detail on your face  

6.  NO skin irritation or significant side effects  

7.  NO interruptions/reschedules due to equipment failure 

8.  NO crystals over sprayed into unwanted areas! 

9.  Our location offers a warm yet modern boutique skin care experience 

For more details about this treatment and the difference in our services...
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